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How to curb your phone addication

Now, don't get me wrong. 

Technology is an AMAZING tool.
It's allowed us to collaborate in ways that weren't even imaginable 100 years ago.
Especially in the crazy times that we live in now.
But there ways that technology actual hinder our lives.
It can prevent us from being the social beings that we were meant to be.
Here's the exact way I've cut down my phone use to just over an hour a day.

1. Remove all notifications!

Just like a slot machine, our phone apps are designed to keep us on our phones. They beep juuust at the right times to grab our attention. The best way stay focused and present in whatever you're doing is to get rid of the distraction from the source! In our phone settings, you can easily turn off any notifications you don't feel is adding value to your life. I personally turned off any notifications, whether that's a text or a message so that I have control over when to look at my device.

2. Delete the apps that you don't serve any significant purpose

Mindlessly scrolling through Facebook? Watching Youtube videos and getting stuck in the endless loop? Me too.
Remove the apps that aren't bringing value. That's not to say you shouldn't have Facebook and you shouldn't ever use Youtube.
Facebook is a great tool that enables you to connect and Youtube is incredibly helpful to me when learning something new.
But if you can only access them on your computer, that's another layer of of distraction removed.
Set times for when you want to check in with your friends.

3. Learn something new. 

What? A hobby? What the hell are those? 
There are so many different things out there that you can do, your possibilities are endless!
Other than the go-to baking, cooking, reading and writing hobbies -- you can try pairing different things.
The most fulling new hobbies are ones where you can pair one interest with another. Here are some random things that come to mind:
    • Adopt a new pet *insert animal type here* 
    • Get into bird photography
    • Try camping for the first time
    • Take a hike with your partner or circle 
    • Use Youtube to learn how to salsa!
    • Use Youtube to learn how to make salsa!
It's not easy to get rid of something that has been in our lives continuously for the past decade.
And who knows what you'll find on the other side. 
What you'll find on the other side of your phone.
If you have any other ideas, reach out and let us know!
I'd love to hear about it.
With much love, 


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