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Best Ways to Get Moving

The beautiful weather is finally here! But you could find you and your gang stuck inside trying to find things to do this summer. Well here are AFK's top 5 things to do this summer.


1. Go for a Run

Trail Run

Run, walk, sprint! Whatever it takes to produce some sweat equity. Bring your kids, bring your friends and bring a bottle of water. This is an easy and simple way to get your body moving and strengthen your heart and lungs! 

Don't live near trails? No problem! Jog around your neighbourhood and stop by some parks to take in the greenery. 

2. Visit your local beach!

Hit the Beach! Get away from your keyboard.

Grab your trunks and towels and hit the beach! 

What's a better way to start the summer off than hitting up the beach? The possibilities are endless.

Toss a frisbee, play some volleyball or hit up local ice cream shop. 

It's always a good time.

3. Go for a Road Trip

Road Trip! Get away from your keyboard!

Ahh... the classic road trip. All you need are some good tunes, munchies and a final destination. 

One thing that we always joke about -- following a car until they've reached their final destination! Could be a short or a long trip, who knows!

But it can lead to something exciting... prepare to spare a few hours, just in case.

4. Gather up your friends and host a BBQ

BBQ with Friends - Get away from your keyboard!

Summer = BBQ season. Dig up your lawn games and grill up a few hot dogs. 

Nothing says summer better than the smell of your BBQ heating up, a couple of cold beverages and some deceitfully difficult lawn games.

5. Pull up a chair and relax.

This is one of our favourites! Because not only will it get you away from your screens, but it's extremely helpful to take time for yourself. 

A lot of our time during the day is taken up by having to please our bosses, co-workers friends and family and sometimes all we need is a little time to ourselves.

Read a book, take a nap or journal and write your ideas out. Allotting some time for ourselves is never a bad thing.

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