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Our Story

It started with a new found awareness. 

In 2018, Roy started to notice the effects of our connection to electronics, in both his personal life and his professional life. He became more aware of the unhealthy habits that were developing, both in himself and the people around him; 

When Passion Meets Purpose

Having noticed this, he started to take action. He began finding fulfillment in the little things: his relationships, his love for photography, and his passion for activity. He wanted to share this mission, and he decided that the most impactful way to achieve this was through business.

Making the Connection 

After rejuvenating his love for activity, Roy knew AFK wasn't just about selling outdoor equipment. He wanted AFK to have a larger purpose than itself. That's why for every product purchased it helps a new Canadian charity every month.

Our Name

"Away From Keyboard" or AFK for short, is chat lingo that means a user has stepped away from their device. However, we think it's more than that. To us, to be AFK means to untether from the habitually connected world in which we live.

It is meant to encourage people to step away and live in the now…to simply reconnect with the ones we love most, the things we are passionate about, and the environment around us.

Our Logo

Our logo is inspired by the everyday adventurer and pays homage to those who are seeking the next adventure in their lives, big or small.

It’s not about climbing the highest peak or rafting the roughest waters. It’s about your everyday adventure, and taking it on – full force.